Is your current photo losing you clients?

Does your head shot match your message?

Are you putting off a photo-shoot because you don’t feel camera ready?

We have great news! We are here to get you…


If you’re afraid because you feel your best days are behind you, Kristen can take the body you have now and ROCK IT!

Let Kristen get you healthy, energized and confident to show up fully engaged and ready on photo day and on stage and have fun! And make you want to do it again.

If you feel your best photos are two kids and 20 pounds ago, Stacey is cheaper than liposuction and a facelift!

Let Stacey give you the tricks and tips on body-slimming poses, lose camera pounds instantly as Stacey expertly poses you to flatter your body. Discover how to use these tricks in a SnapChat and Instagram world. Soon you’ll be the prettiest one in the photo.

Fit & Photo Ready helps you to boost your energy on stage or online, gain mental clarity and present yourself as a world class entrepreneur. With Fit & Photo Ready, you’ll develop the confidence to step into the spotlight, close sales, pose for photos and stand out in a saturated Social Media world. You’ll learn how to eat properly, exercise to have a lean body, and learn the posing secrets on how to be fearless and fabulous in front of any camera.

Bottom line, your energy needs to burst through the camera and leap off the page!



Be Nurtured In This Six Week Virtual Course That Will Help You:

  • Learn why your comfort level with your body can make or break your success in sharing your message with the world.
  • Crack the food code and learn to eat meals that energize your mind, body & BRAND!
  • Shape up with power poses that flatter your body every time you are photographed.
  • Learn how to compliment your poses with authentic facial expressions that your align with the essence of your brand. 
  • Get coached on how to leverage your newly branded photos to attract your ideal client.
  • Discover 3 little known secrets to keep your body energized and powerful so you hold the magnetic presence of a world class entrepreneur! Plan your wardrobe with everything you will need to shine on camera day!

Partner up with the Luv Your Body Mentor Kristen Nolan and Master Craftsman Photographer Stacey Canfield for this exclusive group program that specifically targets your need to be SEEN by millions.



STEP 1 – Cleanse & Reset

You will discover how to eat in a way that actually raises your metabolism, so your body starts to naturally cleanse itself effortlessly using real food so you are NEVER hungry! You’ll start to reset your metabolism, flatten your stomach, and stop your cravings. When you eat, you will be/feel satisfied and even watch your waist get slimmer every week.

STEP 2 – Mind, Body & Brand!

We want you to light up a room, show up with confidence and draw people to you. You’ll learn how to present yourself and your brand in a way that sets you apart, makes you memorable and magnetizes your brilliance.

STEP 3 – Shape & Tone

You will discover the exact weight loss code we’ve used to help hundreds of women to make sure your belly looks flat and sexy the day you go into your stage performance or photo shoot. Here’s the secret – no two people lose weight the same way. We’ll teach you how to use and adjust the code for your body so you lose those pounds the best, healthiest and easiest way for you.

STEP 4 – See it in the Mirror

You will learn the most flattering, powerful poses you can use on stage or on screen and ways to move your body that help you exude confidence and make an impact. Learn ways to target your energy to burst through the camera so your photos can leap off your marketing materials.

STEP 5 – Ready For My Close Up!

This is where you will see the rewarding results of all your hard work! We guide you through one last polishing routine to get you ready to rock it. This is where you will discover the secrets to getting your heart and mind in the right space before the first shot is taken. Finally, we will reveal figure flattering tips on what to wear and how to wear it.

We got you!


This virtual training is filling up fast so book your spot before they’re all gone!

Now is the perfect time to put yourself first with the expert guidance of Kristen Nolan & Stacey Canfield.

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Finally, an opportunity to take what you have learned from our Fit and Photo Ready training and pose for that expert headshot you’ve been putting off for years!  


Not only will you get access to the Fit And Photo Ready Virtual Course, but you can join Kristen and Stacey in Las Vegas for a Professional Photo Shoot and Party on October 18, 2016!  


Kristen Nolan, the ‘Luv Your Body Mentor,’ is a fitness and weight loss expert who helps women look and feel like world-class entrepreneurs! Stress, hectic lifestyles, yo-yo dieting and the natural effects of aging all work together to throw off your body’s energy and cause weight gain, discomfort in clothing and above all, kill your confidence when trying to voice your message. Kristen helps entrepreneurs who want to ‘wow’ their audience to learn the right way to eat, exercise, and de-stress, so they feel lean, confident, clear and energized when they step in front of a camera or into the spotlight!  To learn more about Kristen, visit www.kristennolan.com

Stacey Canfield is an acclaimed photographer, brand marketing consultant and book author. With over 25 years of photography experience, she has earned both local and international acclaim for her artistry in the fine portraiture industry.  Stacey has devoted her career to photography and has achieved its highest degree — Master Craftsmen — from the Professional Photographers of America. She is a partner in Visual Photography, located in North County San Diego since 1994. In 2009, she developed My Image Artist to help entrepreneurs clearly define their marketplace by crafting powerful personal brand marketing campaigns. Utilizing her Fine Art degree from San Diego State University, Stacey’s passion is graphically creating marketing collateral for her clientele. To lean how Stacey visually brands entrepreneurs to celebrate their brilliance, visit: www.myimageartist.com